Electric Water Heater Thermostat

VT series Bimetal Thermostat are designed to meet your everyday Electric Water Heater needs. Featuring high electrical loads and two switch actions, there are different control methods to suit to your requirement for your temperature limit and control.
The same size insulation casing design allows you to fit this thermostat into your Water Heater layout easily. Surface, wall and screw-on mounting give you the flexibility of how you want to place this device in your product.

This model provides dual-protection, preventing dry-boiling and overheating with the combination of two thermostats into one.

VT series are UL certified, also tested to be of long-life span cycle.

Model: VTM40 (Manual reset) Elec. Rating: AC250V / 40A D.P.S.T. Temp. Range: 50 ~ 130℃ Differential: ±3、±5
Function: Overheat protector, temperature limit regulator
Application: Instant water heater. Electric heater. Electric oven. Mechanical equipment