Thick Film Heating Technology

Ferro Techniek‘s thick film heating elements are custom designed to suit your application. Shape, size and electrical properties can be set and optimized for each heating job. In addition we can provide electrical connectors, thermal sensors, temperature limiters and controls. Also we are experienced in assisting in solutions for installation of thick film heaters in appliances.

Ferro element pic

Technology typical properties

·         Sizes up to circular diameter180mm, or rectangular 220x155mm 

·         Metal base material thickness 1.0 .. 2.0mm

·         Base materials: (enamel grade-) steel, or stainless steel grades 444 and 430

·         Elements are suitable for class I appliances (IEC-EN60335, appliances with PE)

·         Dielectric HV strength 1250VAC / 1 minute, customers may check at 1375VAC / 2 seconds max.

·         Power densities up to 50W/cm2 (average over the printed area)

·         Typical maximum heater service temperature 250dC (maximum temperature of heater tracks 350dC)

·         Electrical connections preferred by spring loaded contacts

·         Water side standard oxidized by our process. Finishing is possible

·         Element assemblies may contain sensors, electrical connections, gaskets and (plastic) enclosures

Remark: Deviations from these properties may be possible upon request but may require development.