Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignitors and Glow Plugs

Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter

 For use with one or more of the following gases: Natural, Propane, Liquefied Gases and LP Gas-Air mixtures

Applications that use manual and automatic gas ignition technology


Voltage:   12V, 24V, 80V, 120V

Power:  20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 80W, 140W

Rated Temperature:  1180 to 1300°C

Time for reaching 1000°C:    12V and 24V:      2 seconds

80V and 120V:  7 seconds

Service life: 100,000 on/ off cycling

Vibration-resistant:  Germany: TL-VW80010   China: QC/T413

Note: The data in table are for reference only. The actual value will be adjusted according to the customer’s specific applications.

International certificate:  CSA