36″ IBC/Tote Heater


IBC Container Heater  (120v 1460w)

In many types of processes, liquids in room temperature conditions make viscous liquids which cannot easily be processed properly. Sugar and fats in liquid change concentricity, fats are difficult to discharge which slows or stops production and costs money.

If you install a Container heater that will fit perfectly around your IBC container, this problem goes away by providing an even temperature that keeps your liquids flowing and less viscous.

An IBC container heater is the perfect solution as it allows full usage of the liquids as most often when you get down to the end, liquids will lock up. The heater quickly and effectively heats up fluids and materials making them very easy to empty from a container with minimal to no waste

Designed to last and withstand the environment (IP40 class), the durable, yet lightweight design is easy to take on an off any standard 1000L (265 gallon) container, with quick release buckles and be used during transit as well.

This IBC heater is produced with one thermostat control, but can have as many as three thermostats provide the ability to have different temperature from top to bottom, all thermostats adjustable up to 194°F.

To maximize heat up time, we recommend using an IBC lid (sold separately), that easily attaches to the top of the container.

The IBC container heater can be used to heat a variety of liquids including diesel fuel, water, resin, oil, and many other industrial liquids, allowing easy dispensing.

Technical specifications:

  • Polyester outer jacket material.
  • Polyester inner layer which contacts the container.
  • Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element conductor.
  • Adjustable quick release buckle system.
  • Warm-up duration approx. 48h (264 gallon container with water starting from +5º F to +120º F with 2×1000 W heaters and using top lid cover).
  • 10 foot power cable with w/o power connector.
  • Insulation lid cover is sold separately.
  • One thermostat 0-194ºF

Ideal for heating up:

  • Oils and also diesel fuel.
  • Resins and dyes.
  • Wax, e.g. lanolin (wool wax or wool grease).
  • Fats and butters.


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36″ IBC/Tote Heater

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