30 Gallon Drum Heater (P/N: 14-1638 Hi Temp)


Drum heater with temperature range up to 392°F

Drum heaters are perfect for drums where you want to keep the content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the content from freezing.

Variable temperature control is available with the adjustable thermostat with a heating range up to 392ºF.  A drum heater is useful for a range of barrel heater options (temperature can vary due to the maximum temperature of liquids).

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat Drum heaters are designed to meet the demanding environments. Long lasting, high quality design and durable construction using webbing strap with quick release buckle attachment rather than the problems that come with Velcro straps. Transportation and tight, intimate fastening insures good heat transfer to the barrel liquids.

Suggested use includes using only one drum heater jacket per drum as the heater is designed to be intimate with barrel wall.

The Kuhlmann drum heater is designed to perform in applications including industrial liquids made to perform at high temperatures, water, heating oil, diesel fuel preheat, and resin and consistent temperature or viscosity,  or materials requiring an optimal  preparation temperature prior to usage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Thermostat 0-392ºF (0-200ºC)
  • 10 foot power cable
  • Optimal silicone/glass fabric jacket
  • High temperature teflon insulated resistance heating wire construction with metal braid
  • Teflon insulated ground third wire
  • Insulation: Glass filament materials
  • Adjustable quick release buckles
  • Standard sizes.
  • Thermostat 0-392ºF (0-200ºC)
  • IP40 approved design
  • Warm-up duration approx. 28 hours.  (55 gallons of water from +60º F to +175º F with a 1200 W drum heater).
  • The base drum heater may be used additionally

Ideal for heating up:

  • Water or oils.
  • Diesel class fuels.
  • Wax, e.g. lanolin (wool wax or wool grease).



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Kuhlmann Part# (120V  1180w) – 14-1638

Diameter: 18.6″ (473 mm)

Size: 1729-650 mm

Thermostat Range: 0-392°F

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Kuhlmann Part# (120V)