Pressure Switches

Davidon Industries is proud to present Lefoo Pressure Switches. The common LF08 pressure switch, can operate from 12-750 psi, and has an automatic reset capability, depending on the application. These switches have the ability to be open or close contact with your system. For the full list of specifications: Click Here

Metallic components and other specialized designs allow LF08 to fit your needs in any environment including, chemical, liquid, or gas applications

LF08 offers a variety of electrical terminations through an array of connections and wire leads if necessary

Pressure switches for all Applications:

Air Conditioning Units


C02 Air Conditioning

C02 Refrigeration

Heat Pumps

High and Low Pressure Cut Offs

Air Brakes

Fuel Pressure monitoring

Engine Controls

Agricultural Equipment

Industrial Controls

Marine Engine Equipment

For UL specifications, feel free to contact us regarding details. Some products have not UL.