Hot Surface Ignitors

For use with one or more

of the following gases:

Applications include, manual and automatic gas ignition technology

The advantages of Le-Mark hot surface ignition:   

     Le-Mark’s proven Silicon Nitride Ignition process specifically for hot surface ignition.

    Free of electromagnetic interference

    Able to ignite all kinds of oil or gas fired machinery and equipment and adapt to   various kinds of air-fuel ratio.

    Quiet ignition with no detonation

    No air leakage in the ignition process that may harm the environment

    Less time consumed compared with silicon carbide ignition

    100% ignition success

    High mechanical strength to avoid crack that may happen in silicon carbide ignition

    No worry of moist with a dense surface

    Long service life with ignition time above 100,000 times

    Compact and flexible structure to suit customer needs

    Easy to replace the existing hot surface igniters in the market     

    High mechanical strength and resistance to cold and heat impact, no need of heat resisting shield to save cost

Reliable quality with CSA certification


Voltage:   12V, 24V, 80V, 120V

Power:  20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 80W, 140W

Rated Temperature:  1180 to 1300°C

Time for reaching 1000°C:    12V and 24V:      2 seconds

80V and 120V:  7 seconds

 Service life: 100,000 on/ off cycling

Vibration-resistant:  Germany: TL-VW80010   China: QC/T413

Note: The data in table are for reference only. The actual value will be adjusted according to the customer’s specific applications. International certificate:  CSA and UL