Drum Heaters

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat has been producing electrical heating elements to both the national and international industrial sector.

 Our main production is design and development of full coverage drum heaters, full coverage container heaters and industrial heating blankets, where our many years of experience makes us market leaders in surface heating with heating blankets and heating of drums and containers.

Through our years of experience we have gained unique skills in product development and are among the few Danish manufacturers able to offer customized solutions of our own production to our customers.

Our production is subject to continuous control and all materials used are chosen with care – all to ensure products of the highest quality. All of our full coverage products are CE approved.

Our employees have many years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge. In close communication with our customers, we ensure optimal solutions. No job is either too small or too big for us.

We continuously expand our product range in relation to growing trade with various accessories in heating technology. For more, check out Kuhlmann Drum Heater Link!


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Drum/Barrel Heaters and Pail Heaters

Are you looking for heating elements, e.g. for transporting your products? Kuhlmann Electro-Heat produces full coverage 55 gallon barrel heaters, bucket heaters, and cylinderalle tønder u.l.heaters that are more efficient and use considerably less energy than conventional band heaters.Test results show their power blankets to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders, and Tote heaters..

Heated blankets are the fastest, easiest, and most efficient and affordable method for heating and maintaining the temperature of your industrial materials.

We produce drum heaters, IBC heaters, Tote heaters, heating blankets, cylinder heaters and more. If you need a heating element for a specific product, that is not listed, please click the inquire button above to contact us for a quote.

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