Correx® impressed current anode systems

are the value-maintaining alternative to sacrificial anodes.

These systems make use of the latest technology and ensure

an electronically regulated protective current

flowing permanently through your tank. The continuous

protective current is regulated by a potentiostat

and injected via a titanium electrode into the tank.

This system ensures safe corrosion protection for the most currently used types of tanks made of:
  • Enameled Steel
  • Stainless Steel
*For stainless steel tanks, especially in the presence of chloride-containing water, the subsequent installation of a Correx® impressed-current anode us highly recommended.
To be efficient, the protective current must be perfectly adapted to individual conditions in the tank.
The current must neither be too low nor too high. For this reason, the current is regulated by a potentiostat which ensures perfect adaptation to existing operating conditions.
Over-protection as well as under protection can thus be safely avoided.
The current is injected into the tank by means of a mixed-dioxide-coated titanium electrode which is practically wear-free throughout its entire service life.
The current is alternately measured and injected at millisecond intervals:
  • Measurement of the actually existing potential in the tank.
  • Determination of the current required to reach the nominal potential.
  • Injection of the protective current.
  • Nominal potential reached
The tank can now no longer be attacked by corrosion.