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Davidon Headquarters (Northeast)
87 Dewey Ave.
Warwick, RI 02886 USA
Tel: 401-737-8380
Fax: 401-737-8395

Contact:  Don DiNuccio , President, Davidon Industries, Inc.

Contact: David DiNuccio, Vice President, Davidon Industries, Inc.

Technical questions or comments on our website?

Contact Gary Stafford , Vice President of Engineering.

TEL: 401-737-8380

SUB-OFFICES IN North America:

VP of Engineering, Davidon

Gary Stafford
Tel: 401-737-8380
Fax: 401-737-8395
Mobile: 401-595-7078

Sales Manager, Davidon South

Steve Bender
Tel: 615-435-3068
Fax: 615-591-3568
Mobile: 615-294-5614

Sales Manager, Davidon Southeast

Sales Manager, Davidon Southeast
Fax: 401-737-8395

Sales Manager, Davidon Midwest

Greg Malak
Office: 847-841-8479
Mobile: 847-875-0553

Sales Manager, Davidon Northwest, Southwest, West

Dan Parsons
Mobile: 512-230-7667

Sales Manager, Davidon Southeast

Gary Nugent
Mobile: 760-522-3695

Sales Manager, Davidon VP Canadian Operations

Vince D’Addese
Tel: 905-266-0979
Fax: 905-266-1817
Mobile: 416-274-7248


International Davidon Industries Offices:

Davidon Industries Solutions LA (Mexico)

Jose Antonio Derreza, Sales Manager
Edgar Olguin Huerta, Sales

Davidon Gas Solutions

Pablo DeCOSSIO(Vice-President)
TEL: 52 (1) 442-194-1252
Skype: pablogdecossio

Sales Managers:

Guillermo Mancilla

Santiago Perata