SPG Motors


Sub fractional induction motors and planetary gear heads



SPG Planetary Gearheadsspg-motors

SPG Motors provide drop in replacements for many motors manufactured by Oriental Motors and Merkle-Korff Industries!

Just give us the part number and we can cross reference it for you!


Standard Induction motors

spg motors






AC/DC geared motors







Capacitor run geared motors







Standard DC Geared Motors and Small DC motors







C -Frame and 3.7″, 4.8″, 5.5″ /6.4″ Fan Motors.

New BLDC Motor XWD Series

(From 10w to 90w including varispeed controller.)

Unit and socket controllers designed by SPG  can be mated with many motor types!

 New products include a Brushless DC motor/controller X-TOR series!